Monday, April 18, 2011

Apple Wireless Keyboard Review

The completely cable-free Apple Wireless Keyboard uses Bluetooth technology to connect with your Mac or iPad. So you're free to move the keyboard just about anywhere within range and wirelessly type away. And it is slim, compact design takes less space. 

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(Roger J. Buffington) : I love Apple products, but must run a Windows 7 system for professional reasons. I greatly envied my daughter's Apple keyboard, and a Bing search indicated that the Apple keyboard would work fine with Windows. Well, it does. There are a few Windows specific keys missing, and a few Mac specific keys that don't do much on this keykboard, but really all the keys that almost all Windows users will want are right here. The keyboard installed on my desktop Windows machine in seconds as a Bluetooth device, and works flawlessly. I had no setup issues whatever. None.

The keyboard itself is a beautiful, minimalist device, but nonetheless constitutes a full-sized keyboard, albeit without the numeric pad. Despite the fact that I am a power touch typist, I have never once used the numeric pad on any keyboard, so I appreciate the notion of giving up the numeric pad in exchange for having a smaller device on the desktop. Not everyone will agree, of course. Also missing are the delete key and the printscreen key. I admit that I miss the delete key, but the destructive backspace key is an adequate substitute.

The keyboard seems to be just the right size for my hands (I am not a big guy) and although it is not one of the curved "ergonomic" keyboards, I find myself quite comfortable typing continuously with this keyboard. The keys themselves have a nice solid feel; most typists will like the feel of these keys.

I like the fact that this keyboard uses readily-available AA batteries. It shuts off when not in use, and springs to life instantly upon the touch of a key. Very good design.

Highly recommended for anyone who does not mind eschewing the numeric keypad, the delete key and printscreen. RJB.

Apple Wireless Keyboard Review
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