Sunday, February 12, 2012

LG Will Launch 10 Phones in This Year

In 2012, LG Electronics Indonesia will launch 10 mobile phones in Indonesia. The majority will use the Android operating system.

Senior Marketing Manager of LG Mobile Indonesia Indonesia Cho Chorung said the market was accounted for by LG. The reason is quite absorbed LG mobile phones in Indonesia, compared to Malaysia and the Philippines.

"The plan we will launch a smart phone for about 10 units. It costs about $ 1 million to $ 7 million," he said after the launch of the LG Prada Chorung 3.0 at the Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Jakarta, Friday (10/2/2012).

Nevertheless, the LG did not want to explain what kind of phone will be launched in Indonesia. Unless its kind, namely of the type of smart phones (smartphones).

During this LG mobile phone growth in Indonesia is claimed to increase significantly. But the LG reluctant to explain the percentage of growth. LG targets to achieve second place in market share of mobile phone vendor in Indonesia in 2012 was.

Sales and Marketing Manager of LG Electronics Mobile Communication Indonesia Kim Nam Tae add the LG LG targets in Indonesia's market share could rise from 2 percent in late 2011 to 5 percent this year.

"We will launch a series of products to be sold to a major distributor in Indonesia," said Kim.

One of the phones that will launch the LG Miracle that will use Windows Phone. The phone is the first Windows mobile phone for LG this year. "We expect to come out in quarter II-2012," he said.
LG Will Launch 10 Phones in This Year
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